Programme 2019


8:30   Doors opening


9:00   Welcome words by Sabrina Lemaire, Head of Marketing, POST Luxembourg


9:15    « Resilience is the ‘Security’ of the XXI century » – Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo, Professor and FNR PEARL Chair at the University of Luxembourg, UniLu’s SnT Centre


9:30   Round table « Highlights from a GDPR focused year » with:


  • Moderator : Romain Sabel, Technical commission director, APDL (Association pour la Protection des Données au Luxembourg)
  • Guy Isler, CISO, Centre Commun de la sécurité sociale
  • Christophe Buschmann, Data Protection Commissioner, CNPD (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données)
  • Myriam Djerouni, CISO, Luxith
  • Xavier Lefevre, CEO and Founder, fair&smart


10:00  Startups insights (x5)

Passbolt with Kevin Muller, Co-founder / CEO

Fair & Smart with Xavier Lefevre, CEO and Founder

Hotshot with Aaron Turner, CEO & Founder

Hacknowledge with Paul Such, CEO

Cyberhedge with Ryan Dodd, Founder and CEO


10:25  Coffee Break


11:00  « From MISP to RISP – a keynote on the benefits of collaboration in cybersecurity » by François Thill, Cyber Security Director of the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy


11:15  « How Luxembourg compares to the WW threat landscape in 2018 and what will be the heroes of 2019 and beyond » by Philippe Vercruysse de Solart, Account Technology Strategist, Microsoft Belgium & Luxembourg


11:30  Round table « Security Challenge for multi-cloud strategy » with :


Moderator : Alizé Nicolas

    • Thomas Scherer, Chief Architect, Telindus
    • Bart Roels, Partner Technology Strategist MSP, Microsoft
    • Cédric Mauny, Head of Cybersecurity, Telindus Luxembourg
    • Hugues De Pra, Solutions Sales Specialist Manager, CISCO
Awards' Ceremony from 12:00 to 12:40

The IS Awards aim to recognize best practices and highlight outstanding contributions from local professionals in the IT Security sector:

IS Personality of the Year

Security Project of the Year

Awareness Security initiative of the Year

Best Security partner of the Year

Security Startup of the Year


Woman Talent of the Year

Networking walking lunch
Workshops session

2:00 Session #1

Room E : « Cloudy with a Chance of a Breach » By Emanuel Da Costa, Security Engineer, Check Point

Air Open Conference : « IoT, IA, Blockchain, quelles sont les applications et les attaques qui les ciblent ? » By Stéphane L’Hermitte, Directeur Technique, Digital Security BeLux


2:30 Session #2

Room E : « Gestion des risques en  cybersécurité et ISO27005 » by Hervé Schauer, Founder & President, HS2

Air Open Conference : « Thycotic Secret Server: the simple and efficient way to secure privileged accounts » By Arnold Kok, Product Manager, DCC Nederland B.V.


3:00 Session #3

Room E : « Vendor Risk Management: Overcoming Today’s Most Common Security & Privacy Challenges » By Victoria Gardin, Privacy Engineer, OneTrust

Air Open Conference :« Bug Bounty : From CVD to Security at Scale » By Faustine Michaux, Business development Manager, YES WE HACK


3:30 Session #4

Room E : « Cybersecurity & Incident Response: How to Detect and Prevent Cyberattacks in real-time? » By Aksu Murat, Sales Engineer, Varonis

Air Open Conference : « D4 Project – Open and collaborative network monitoring » By Jean Louis Huynen, Security Researcher, CIRCL


4:00 Session #5

Room E :« Reporting on Cyber Risk to the C-Suite and BoD – Translating Cyber Risk into Business Terms » By Ryan Dodd, Founder and CEO, Cyberhedge

Air Open Conference« Test_MX : Securing emails servers for a more secure ecosystem » by Michael Hellriegel, IT Manager, Test-MX


5:00 Keynote


Room E : SPAMBEE by Bertrand Lathoud, Head of Cybersecurity Competence Center, C3


5:15 Round Table


Room E : « Tired of Spam and afraid of phishing? Get rid of it with SPAMBEE! » with :


Deborah Plein, Coordinator, BEE SECURE

Sally Stephany, Psychologist responsible for the BEE SECURE Help- and Stopline

Bertrand Lathoud, Head of Cybersecurity Competence Center, C3

Christophe Buschmann,Data Protection Commissioner, CNPD (Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données)


5:30  ICT Spring Networking Cocktail