How to apply?

Each candidate must submit an application for the Award of their choice.

To submit an application to one of the suggested awards, you have to :

  1. – Inform our team that you decided to be candidate. Please contact:
  2. – Complete your application form. Deadline on February 13th
  3. – Register for the Information Security Awards Gala Dinner by contacting



  • To apply, the company or person must submit a project led in Luxembourg or with a Luxembourg-based company and be present (or represented) at the Awards Ceremony on March 14th. 
  • Application to the IS Personality of the Year as well as the Startup of the Year award are free. Other prizes are subject to an application fees of €100 excl.VAT/prize.
  • Also, please note that the Woman Talent of the Year award is a special prize given by the jury member. As a consequence, no form is to be filled. 


Important note

The jury will evaluate the candidates according to specific criteria including professionalism, innovation, quality & ethics. They will value case studies more than commercial speeches.

The jury recommend to the information security providers to present an application together with their client.